The Trybe's first original hit, Smash Smash Smash (c)1967, 2003 Kelly Scharf Railton. WARNING: WRITTEN BY 7TH GRADERS!

Nothin's as cold as her heart. The Trybe's country lament, Cold Pizza Flat Beer (c)1985, 2003 Kelly Berg

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant had an incident in the spring of 1979. We were on it! A little rocker titled Meltdown Man (c)1979 Kelly Jodry Berg.

The Trybe's Hallowe'en classic, Night of the Living Dead (c)1979, 2003 Kelly. Yes, it's about the movie.

She Digs Cars (c)1979 Kelly. Drummer Erich Berg digitized a cassette copy so it's a little bit noisy. But the band rocked!

Want You Bad (c)1978 Kelly. This is all me. I wrote it for a girl named Francine who I barely knew and never played it for, but she was gorgeous!

What Happened To You (c)1980 Kelly. All me again, long back story but it's about my 5th grade girlfriend Kris.

The Trybe on YouTube, rehearsing Michael's Mall Shopping (c)1980 Jodry.

Did you know that The Trybe was the first band on stage at GBA Night?

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